Male Bust Sculpt

Took the opportunity in creating a ZBrush sculpt for one of my University assignments. I pushed myself in making the bust realistic so I could test myself on how much I've learnt from my tutors and from videos about human muscle and facial structures.
This piece is currently just a bust but I plan on making it into a full character model over the next few months as a personal project.

Overall I had a lot of fun making this piece, I'm very happy on how it turned out. Definitely going to be removing the fur cape as I feel like I can make a better version, Most likely going to use ZBrush's FiberMesh tool for it, along with changing the Dreadlocks a bit so they look a lot better.

Brx taleshi bust front back hp render

Front & Back Render

Brx taleshi bust profile side hp render

3/4 & Side Render

Brx taleshi bust hex hp render

Alpha brushes & Head Render