Xena - Drider Character

An experimental character, made for one of my University modules. The task was to create a creature combining different aspects of other monsters & animals. I chose to go for a Centaur-Esque creature basing it off "Arachne" who originates from Greek Mythology and is depicted as Half Lady - Half Spider. I also did extensive research into spider anatomy and into the "Drider" species in order to create a good transitioning between the human half and the spider half.

Had a lot of fun making her, texturing was rushed but future plans for this character piece is to go back into ZBrush to add and change a few things to the sculpt to make it better, Spend a lot more time texturing her, as well as rigging and animating her.

Xena - Marmoset Viewer

Xena - Turntable Video

Brx taleshi 1 xena hp group renders

High Poly Sculpt - Renders

Brx taleshi 6 xena hex hp render

High Poly Sculpt - Head

Brx taleshi 7 xena back hex hp render

High Poly Sculpt - Back

Brx taleshi 8 xena breastplate hp render

High Poly Sculpt - Breastplate

Brx taleshi 7 xena profile beauty render

Beauty - 3/4 Render

Brx taleshi 1 xena front beauty render

Beauty - Front Render

Brx taleshi 2 xena side beauty render

Beauty - Side Render

Brx taleshi 3 xena back beauty render

Beauty - Back Render

Brx taleshi 6 xena top beauty render

Beauty - Top Render

Brx taleshi 9 xena beauty wire render

Beauty - 3/4 & Wireframe Render

Brx taleshi 4 xena face beauty render

Beauty - Head Render

Brx taleshi 5 xena breastplate beauty render

Beauty - Breastplate Render